Starting a new company must be one of the most exhilarating and scary experiences all at the same time.

And its in this moment we realized that even though we understand the business, marketing these days is digital, its new its fast and if it’s not good, it will not get your company anywhere.

Knowing only enough to get ourselves into trouble, we decided to turn our hopes dreams and growth potential in this digital age to the designers at “Let me freelance” with the question, can you help?

After speaking with Louis and Lizaan it was clear that this was not just a business they were running, it was their passion, and we felt quite at ease giving them freedom to run with this “ our , brand, our company, our future in business”

They went above and beyond all expectations, not only was our website up and running within a week, they even did the following for us,  Logo design, website layout and design, setting up of mailboxes, webhosting , setting up and doing market alignment for our google search applications , design of our marketing flyers, business cards and even the stickers and banners we use as well as the layout and design of the  shopfront window stickers.

We never have issues with webhosting or email services, our google adds run perfectly and even though we were a new face in the industry it took only a couple of weeks for our webpage to make it to the top of the search engines, and its till there.

Changes if requested get done asap, and our website has redirected business our way from our competitors, due to its professional design and function, and we are now a known name in the industry.

We have had clients admitting to us that even though we are not the cheapest in the industry, the professional presentation of our business, is well above the rest and left such an impression that they decided to rather join our company than settle for one of the others.

If you are looking for a professional no nonsense, proper business solution, don’t waste your time with the big talkers and the companies boasting numbers, look no further, give the team at “ Let me freelance “ a chance and get ready to be amazed.

They are professional and passionate about delivering supreme service, and easily approachable for ideas, suggestions and questions, providing solutions that place your business in the best possible light.

We know we are not their only client, but we feel like we are!!

Thank you to the team at “Let me freelance” We will recommend you to anybody looking for a professional business solution.

Phill Weyer

Owner, Synergy Racing Academy

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